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Cloud Workflows brings new conditions and validators to Jira Cloud, empowering you to write your own custom workflows or use our pre-defined templates. Gain more fine-grained control of your workflows with the ease and convenience of the cloud.

Cloud Workflows adds custom conditions and validators to Jira Cloud.

Custom Workflow Conditions

Workflow conditions control whether a transition to move an issue from one state to the next is shown in the Jira UI. Use this to hide transitions that are not yet applicable or should be hidden.

Custom Workflow Validators

Workflow validators on the other control whether a transition is valid after a user chose it. While this sounds counter-intuitive, it makes a lot of sense when a transition screen is involved and the data entered on that screen needs to be checked.

Expression Tester

Cloud Workflows ships with a bundled version of Expression Tester, an app that lets all users try out Jira Expressions in a nice UI.

Jira Expressions Cookbook

Jira Expressions can be quite daunting. Don't worry, we got tons of examples in our Jira Expressions Cookbook.