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PolySearch aims to make it easier and faster to find the right issues by adding functions and keywords to JQL.

Getting Started with PolySearch

To install Polymetis PolySearch, follow these steps:

Installing the App:

  1. Click the on the left bar and choose "Apps".
  2. Type "PolySearch" in the search field and hit enter.
  3. "PolySearch" will appear. Click the button to install it. If installed successfully, both a confirmation message and the app´s details will be displayed.
  4. You are now done!

Initial Setup

Right after the app is installed, it starts indexing all of your Jira issues, so that you can use PolySearch's JQL keywords. Depending on the size of your Jira instance, this can take a while; even days in when you have more than 500,000 Jira issues.

You can check the progress of indexing using the admin interface of PolySearch. You can find that by navigating: Apps -> Manage Apps -> PolySearch.


It's normal that not all of your issues get assigned a language. In cases where there is not enough text in an issue or where the neural network within PolySeach cannot make a prediction with a high enough confidence about the language, not language will be set.