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Subtree-wide Bulk Actions

Similar to the bulk actions for the space, you can manage the labels subtree-wide.

Whenever you are on a page, just open the modal through the ‘More actions’ dropdown in the top right corner.

The actions are working almost exactly as they did space-wide – with the difference, that they just affect the page-tree or all child pages of the current pages. You can also choose between including or excluding the currently opened page.

Add a label

In the opening modal, it is easily possible to add labels to every page in this space.

Remove a label

But you can not only add labels, you can remove them as well by just choosing them out of the dropdown. In this dropdown is every label from this space listed. After the label is chosen, clicking “remove” deletes this label from every page in this space.

Rename a label

The last option is renaming: renaming can be used to correct spelling mistakes or merging two similar labels.